Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Let’s start out with this, I had no big expectations for this Marvel film like I did with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and there was a reason why. I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, plus I wasn’t a big Ant-Man fan to even begin with . . . the previous Ant-Man movies didn’t leave much lasting impressions on me, and I was meh about the whole series and the superhero in genreal. So when I heard that this movie was coming out, well of course I was going to see it opening weekend just so I could be on top of the game of seeing it, and not being ruined by the movie. I wasn’t seeing this because I was really interested into it . . . not really, anyhow. But after watching this movie twice in theaters the same day, I can say this: it falls short of what I was hoping it would be, but it deliver a solid set up for Phase 5!

I’m not really into the Multiverse, Time Variants, and the Quantum Realm because they just make not only my heard hurt just thinking too much of them, but it makes the MCU timeline even more confusing (than it should be). So to begin with, I wasn’t into the Quantum Realm so I could care less if they explored it or not, or if they got trapped in it or not. It was just another big expansion on the MCU side just to get more revenue in, is how I see it. But after watching this movie, I guess you could say it got me to enjoy the Quantum Realm a tad bit better, and fully appreciate all the bright visuals and colors they did to make the Quantum come alive. I mean, beautiful world an all, but I could still care less.

This movie sets up not only Phase 5 very well, but the villain for it quite amazingly! If you’re like me, you could agree that Phase 4 was a very weak and if I’m going to be honest, a bit unneeded Phase. The only two movies that carried the whole Phase 4 on its back was Spider-Man: No Way Home and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. No other mentionable movie that was released during Phase 4 made the best impression (although: Doctor Strange 2 could make it). So after an exhaustable Phase 4, we finally move on to I hope a better Phase, Phase 5. Now look, if Marvel/Disney does this right, Phase 5 could be the most interesting Phase since Phase 3!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania by itself was a decent, average movie that had its moments while also having their cringy moments also. But for the beginning/start-up of Phase 5, not going to lie: it sets up Phase 5 very well. We get introduced to not exactly the most menacing/mean villain of all time, but it’s the powers he has and its the other variants of him that just may make Phase 5 villain(s) the most interesting to watch . . . to see how Marvel and Disney unfolds his intentions, his powers, and the affect he’ll have in the MCU timeline (that is, if they do it right of course). Kang was an interesting villian in this movie . . . he was played by a Johnathon Majors who actually did a great job, so I’m excited to see more of him in later Marvel films. Johnathon Majors has potential in the MCU, and if Marvel and Disney does it right, it may just be the biggest role Johnathon has played in his movie career . . . or it could be the somewhat of a downfall, just depending on how Marvel and Disney plays out Kang.

But Ant-Man just being a standalone movie in its series does farily alright. I think the beginning struggled to catch my attention. I think the first time watching it I was just waiting for Kang to appear on the screen, and kind of caring less of what playing at the moment. People/Critics alike raved about Johnathon Majors’ performance, so of course I wanted to see if hey did actually a good job . . . and after watching it, I think he did a great job! But this movie has some interesting points that they brought to the table; maybe I could have taken the whole thing serisously if the 3rd act of the movie didn’t just go a bit out of hand. I felt like the 3rd act of the movie was the downfall of the movie. It’s just got a bit out of hand and that cringy speech in that movie didn’t help at the least.

The 1st and 2nd act were interesting enough, but my favorite moments were when we were trying to understand the villian Kang a bit more. He was easily the best part about the movie, and outshadowing everyone’s elses role in the movie, and not lying here. He’s just a villian we have never gotten before, so I’m interested on how they’re going to handle Kang, and he might be one of my favorite villians that has been brought to big screen. The other characters in the movie that weren’t main characters like Scott and Hope, were more or less so unmemorable and they were in the shawdows in a lot of the movie. So basically, any characters in the movie that didn’t have a big role were sidelined people who were underused in the movie.

M.O.D.O.K. was the worst character in the movie and also one of the most unneeded too. I struggled to comprehend/digest him fully, and to be honest I could really care less about him. He wasn’t an annoying character, he was just one that made me question why we even have him in the movie to begin with. But besides that character, this movie undergoes a lot of underused characters, and more or less put them in the shadows. Really unfortunate that we didn’t get to understand these people in the Quantman Realm more.

Besides some questionable choices for the movie, a cringy speech, a 3rd act getting a bit out of hand, characters being underused, and a character not needed, this movie is a bit solid. For being a standalone Ant-Man movie it was okay, but for setting up Phase 5 and its villian, it did a great job! It was a movie that I enjoyed more on my secondtime and understood more. It’s not I would want to see over and over, but it’s one that I’m glad I saw how they setted up Phase 5!


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Directed: Peyton Reed

Writers: Jeff Loveness and Jack Kirby

Film Editors: Adam Gerstel and Laura Jennings

Executive Producer: Kevin de la Noy

Producers: Stephen Broussard and Kevin Feige

Cast: Paul Rudd, Johnathon Majors, Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Douglas, Katy M. O’Brian, and Corey Stoll

Runtime: 2 hours 05 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Releasers: Marvel Studios

Released: February 17th, 2023

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