I had my doubts on this movie . . . thinking this may just be Nolan’s worst film he made, but after watching 2 hour 48 minutes of it, I can confidently say, he delivers another mind blowing Sci-Fi movie! I really shouldn’t doubt Nolan’s work (maybe a few of them are meh) because literally almost every Nolan movie I watch is just another wild, amazing Sci-Fi trip. My first Nolan film was The Dark Knight (one of my all time favorite movie), and I followed it with Inception. But after watchng nearly every Nolan film (I still have to see Memento and Insominia), I can also confidently say Christopher Nolan is my all time favorite director!

The movie follows Cooper who with other crewmwates go out in space to find another planet to live on due to Earth soon not being liveable because being low on food. This intense, perilious adventure leads to sacrificing of time and missing loved ones and a long of the way, some of the crewmates died. With a final twist and turn, Cooper discoevered something that may opens up the real truth of the mission. The plot at first seems simple . . . but as the movie progresses forward more twists and turns happen until that final moment. And you have to realise the dilaouges of the movie is as crucial and important as the action being taken in the movie . . . and I love it!

My big complaint about this movie is how slow-build the movie was. We got to the simple plot without a hurry, and exploring space took long enough, but when you sit through all the build-up and all that . . . the reward is worth it! It’s a mind-bending, epic twist that I could never see and it was so rewarding that the movie won me over. It may had taken me a long time to win me over, but when it did, I admittedly said, “Nolan has done it again . . . he has made another epic, sci-fi adventure that you can’t resist but watch!” And I have to say, I do have to give credit to Landon (my friend who recommended this) that his hype he made for this movie was appropiate enough. I can see why he wanted me to see this . . . and maybe a bit sooner!

Matthew McConaughey did such a great job with his role. He made his role alive and filled with emotions and longing to go see his kids again. You realise that he sacrificed everything, and in return he may never see his kids again, and if he actually does . . . they might just be older than him. But its because of his love for his kids that he does this mission that puts his and many other lives in peril just to find a planet inhabitable enough for human kind to keep on living. And it’s not only him that sacrifices . . . we have Anne Hathaway’s character who seeks to find her boyfriend but also wants to head back home to see his father again. This movie has emotions, but it isn’t raw emotions that makes me cry . . . it’s emotions that makes me see what is at stake and what they sacrifice for humankind.

This movie delivers more shock of twists and turns than I thought it actually could for such at first glance simple space mission. It turned out to be so much more than what at first glance I thought it was. I mean, as each minute ticked down to the final moment. . . I guess I could say I never saw the build-up for such an epic moment. It was the moment that won my heart over and the moment that I was like, “Nolan strikes again!” I kind of wished I saw this sooner, but at the same time, it felt right to watch it when I did. I feel like after watching a Nolan film you have to sit and digest on what you saw, and be like, “Wow, what diud I just watch?” Because in all honesty, that is kind of what I thought.

Interstellar isn’t at first sight a gripping sci-fi film, but when you watch to that final moment you realise on how epic the Sci-Fi film actually is, and that sometimes you can’t judge the movie when you watched the first 40 minutes of it. And this time, I actually saw the whole thing after being persistently begged by my friend to see it, and I have to admit: it’s a darn good Sci-Fi film that I might need a second watch!



Directed: Christoper Nolan

Writers: Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan

Film Editors: Lee Smith

Executive Producers: Jordan Goldberg, Jake Myers, Kip Thorne, and Thomas Tull

Producers: Jake Myers, Christopher Nolan, and Emma Thomas

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastin, Casey Affleck ,Matt Damon, David Gyasi, Michael Caine, Mackenzie Foy, and John Lithgow

Runtime: 2 hours 48 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Releasers: Paramount, Legendary Pictures, and Syncopy

Released: October 26, 2014

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