This movie is just another action-flick movie with nothing up its sleeve to make it more interesting or shocking or even actually worth watching. I remember seeing some trialers for this, and thinking it was another sruvival story, but after reading the plot it was a bit off. Anyway, this movie struggles to actually make it worth watching, but it does keep some of your interest throughout the movie!

Commercial pilot Brodie Torrance makes a successful emergency landing after his plane sustains critical damage from a storm. He soon realizes that the island he’s landed on is Jolo, a remote area of the Philippines ruled by heavily armed anti-government militias.

Gerald Butler is known for playiny in action flick movies, and the last movie I saw him in (Angel Has Fallen) he didn’t make much of an impression on me. So when going into this movie, I was mainly going in mainly for the action than who was playing in it. And let me just say, it had my interest through some of the movie but other times it was losing my interest. I think the most tense moments where when someone had a gun to their head, and the final take off moment with the plane. But besides that, I felt very impassive toward this movie. I had little emotions for this movie even though I enjoy action films (if it’s done right).

This movie uses the same formula for every action flick. It’s starts out introducing the main characters, and then we get into the nice action moments. But for this movie, it never had a build up to the final moment. This movie just happened on its own pace with no build up. We had the plane crash, people taking hostage, and the final gun showdown moment. But it wasn’t a build up to anything. If anything, it just flowed smoothly with nothing to really look foward to the end except a happy ending.

This movie knew what it was doing alright. The plot was simple enough, and the characters were okay to watch. There wasn’t any character build-up, and I still am confused why those terroists wanted the poeple’s passports. And also, the ending: why did the black man want to run away with half a million dollars because in my eyes: he more than he redeemed himself. This movie wasn’t frustrating to watch . . . it just had a lot of unansewered questions that didn’t make this movie complete in its storytelling.

As much as the situation could actually happen, it’s just too fictionalous to actually happen in my eyes. This movie derives from the simple plot and the same action formula every action-flick movie has. It isn’t supported much besides the action, shoot-out moments and some good tense moments because this movie didn’t feel complete in its sotrytelling. Plus, this movie never picked up its drawling pace besides getting into the action moments. It felt bland and something I would see if I didn’t want to think too much.

Overall, this movie strived to be this nice action, thriller movie but for me it failed not only in being a bit more action-packed and intense but lacking in its storytelling. There wasn’t any build up to the final moment, and the characters are alright to watch. None of the people in the movie really got any of my sympathy because they sure had a lot of complaining to do in that movie. Overall, this action-flick movie succeeded in entertaining some parts of the movie but in the end, it lacked in more than one way!



Director: Jean-François Richet

Writers: Charles Cumming and J.P. Davis

Film Editor: David Rosenbloom

Executive Producers: Alastair Burlingham, Michael Cho, J.P. Davis, Vicki Dee Rock, Edward Fee, Tim Lee, Osita O, and Gary Raskin

Producers: Marc Butan, Gerard Butler, Jason Constantine, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Eda Kowan, Luillo Ruiz, Alan Siegel, and Mark Vahradian

Cast: Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Yoson An, Daniella Pineda, Evan Dane Taylorand, and Tony Goldwyn

Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes

Rated: R

Releasers: Lionsgate

Released: January 13th, 2023

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