The Godfather


This is a movie I feel like I had to take time and digest on what I saw. So after seeing it, I didn’t immediate write this review but went to bed to feel refresh and new on what I just saw. And let me just say that it’s a classic movie and I 100% respect that. It’s a movie that has a lot happening, but losing track of its main plot execution. In the end, I felt the runtime, but in the end, I felt satisfied and rewarded on what I saw!

Going into the Godfather, I knew nothing about this film at the least! Besides knowing the main characters were part of a big mafia family. Besides that, I truly didn’t know what this movie was about, and it was kind of good going into this movie mostly blinded. (I tend to not watch movie trailers for classic movies like these.) It had a nice strong blend of story/world building and making sure you’re still interested in the film. It has this story to tell, but it’s not about to take a shortcut out of it (that’s how we got the 2 hours 55 minutes runtime), and I respect that. It took time to tell a story, and it did it in very well. It doesn’t struggle once on the storybuilding!

The first 25 minutes is devoted a wedding, and I like to feel/say it’s the setting ground for the movie. It introduces you to not only all the family members invovled in the mafia family buisness, but it introduces on the mafia family is runned. It’s a good start to the movie and it takes its time. We then move on to some affairs that isn’t directly related to the main plot, but helps (I feel like) adds a bit to the plot. But I feel like the turning point for this whole movie was when The Godfather got shot . . . that I felt like was when it actually started. When things became confusing, but interesting. It became confusing for me because there were a lot of names to keep track of. And sometimes, I couldn’t recall which name belonged to which person. But that didn’t hassle me too much on understanding the whole movie!

This movie, like I said, takes its time on the story. It wants you to get immeresed into this maifia underground world. It doesn’t skip on anything. And what helps this movie run so smoothly I feel like is the dialouge and the excellent acting from the main characters. My favorite actor was Marlon Brando who played the Godfather in the movie . . . I enjoyed him a lot whenever he was on screen. He just had this prescene of control and authority over the scene; I don’t know if that was because of the character he was playing or if it comes naturally to him. Either way, he was the scene stealer for me in the movie. Al Pacino and James Caan did also such an amazing job at the movie. I felt I got to understand their characters a lot. This movie knows not only how to make a good plot, but it knows how to character build in the movie.

I forget a lot on how the classic old movies actually have a sensible plot and they develop their character more than the 21st century movies do. But the real reason I actually don’t watch these classics because I feel like the entertainment value for them won’t be as exciting or fun as 21st century most times are. But I judge too quickly, and here’s solid proof right in this movie, The Godfather. The only real reaons I guess I saw this was because I just wanted to get one of the most iconic classics alive out of my bucket list. And after watching it, I feel not only satisfied on what I saw, I feel very accomplished. It just proves that sometimes you have to take a risk on the classics and just go for it!

This movie has a long runtime, and everyone who has seen this knows that. And the worst part about this movie is how you actually feel the runtime. Everytime I looked at the time stamp, I felt like I was going at a rate of 10 minutes per time I saw how much longer I had. This movie didn’t past the time as fast as Matt Reeve’s The Batman or the Lord of the Rings series, but in all repsect, this movie needed that long runtime. Without it, this movie wouldn’t have been as detailed, as narrative, or as strong as a movie as it was. There are some movies that need an extreme runtime, and it proves that this movie needs it for you to fully enjoy and understand the movie.

Without a single doubt, this movie is an iconic classic in the Movie Industry, and without a doubt, it’s a movie that every true movie watcher should see at least once; not to say they saw it, but to be astonished, and shocked on how good the movie is. I feel like it’s a hard movie to dislike. There’s so much to love about the film, that all the negatives I had about this (which honestly, is some slow moments and feeling the runtime) outweighs it to get a solid score. It may not be my all time favorite movie, but it’s one I respect, and it’s one that I feel like every true movie watcher should watch at least in theor lifetime!


The Godfather

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Writers: Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola

Film Editors: William Reynolds and Peter Zinner

Producers: Albert S. Ruddy

Cast: Al Pacino, James Caan, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Richard S. Castellano, Richard Conte, with Al Lettieri, Sterling Hayden, John Marley, and Diane Keaton

Runtime: 2 hours 55 minutes

Rated: R

Releasers: Paramount Pictures

Released: March 24, 1972

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