I overhyped myself on this movie, and I know that! I remember first time seeing the trailer for M3GAN and thought it was okay. I didn’t start getting hyped over this movie till the release of the movie was coming closer and closer, and when that happened. . . well, I started getting hyped, very hyped to see it. And looking back, I overhyped myself over this movie because after I saw this, I thought it was good and fun, but one that left me disappointed in more than one way!

I saw this twice in theaters on January 7th because in all honesty: I weas taking a risk on this movie. My first time seeing it, I saw by myself and my second was work friend of mine . . . and let me just say, both times I enjoyed it (although, the second time I was paying way less attention to the movie), but both times I felt unsatisfied on what I saw. You have to go in a mindset that you can’t take this movie serious. Because that is the honesty that I am putting forth.

My expectations for this film was one that I had a mindset that the plot was going to be fun, but yet not losing track of its plot. I guess you could say it followed most of the line. But this movie is not as half as fun as I wanted it to be/turned out to be. And as a lot of reviews I’m reading from Letterboxd says that the trailer leaked the best moments, and I have to agree on that because in all honesty: it’s better to watch the movie and not see or hear anything about this movie. Because I felt like my exprience for this movie would have been a bit better.

The plot for this movie is so simple (and at times laughable because of how simple/cringy it can actually be) and doesn’t have much complexity in the movie, not even the emotions and the relationships in the movie works for me at all. What does work is the fun in the movie but yet . . . it lacks in a lot in the movie that should have been a whole lot more fun! I mean, the dancing hall scene (watch here) not only was my most anticipated scene in the movie, but became a meme. And I kind of wished they didn’t spoil it. Because in all honesty, it didn’t live up to the heights I thought it would.

The characters in the movie are so undeveloped and plenty of them turned more or less to be annoying that in the end you want M3GAN to kill them. . . and the main characters in the movie are also so undeveloped that when the emotions should hit, it surely doesn’t for me. And like I said earlier, this movie is one that you can’t take serious at the least and one that isn’t scary at all. It’s a movie that you wish provided more in the 103 minute runtime, but sadly doesn’t!

I was literally laughing during the second round of watching the movie. It’s a movie that I knew I couldn’t take serious, and after watching it, it confirmed it. I mean, a lot of the moments are laughable that you can’t help but laugh aloud even though many people in the theaters don’t. But screw them: this movie is so predictable, that all you have to do is sit down and watch it, and make sure you don’t get too frustrated on the movie because of how simple plotted it is and how laughable a lot of the movie is!

Overall, this movie was alright to see It was a disappointment movie, but there were some parts that did satisfy and entertain that I didn’t feel like the whole movie was a time waste. But in the end, it’s one you can wait to rent and not waste $10 to go see it in the theaters. It’s a laughable movie that manages to still entertain and keep true to its plot even though it disappoints!



Director: Gerard Johnstone

Writers: James Wan and Akela Cooper

Film Editor:Jeff McEvoy

Executive Producers: Greg Gilreath, Adam Hendricks, Mark David Katchur, Judson Scott, Ryan Turek, and Allison Williams

Producers: Jason Blum, Michael Clear, Couper Samuelson, and James Wan

Cast: Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, and Violet McGraw

Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Releasers: Blumhouse and Universal Pictures

Released: January 6th, 2023

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